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TEMPO-DAM is the best temporary dam on the market. It is fast, safe, strong and stable. We believe that our temporary dike TEMPO DAM is the leader in the market with our special design, that no other temporary dam has. You just roll it out on the ground and the water will fill it up when it comes creeping. The barrier will then rise and stop the water in its tracks. Water stopping water!

Flood control is a growing market and state, municipal and fire & rescue organisations, are focused on the challenges from climate change. They need the best, fastest and easiest equipment. The TEMPO-DAM is that product. On our web-page you will find pictures and information about how it works. We are especially proud of the wave test we have had done, that documents that the TEMPO DAM is one of the strongest dams in the world.

This is not just something new we have started, we have more than 10 years of experience in the flooding industry, and we have 3 years of experience with this type of dam. The dam is a triangular dam of tarpaulin, and functions by water holding water back.

Well suited for emergency services

The TEMO-DAM® is very well suited for emergency services like firefighters because their hands on approach to handling equipment is perfect for this type of intuitive barrier. They can quickly roll many kilometres and be ready for the incoming floods.

The dam is also well suited for home owners and companies, who wish to save their property from floods. They can roll it out and get ready with pumps and other necessary equipment to save their properties. When finished it must be cleaned and dried, so the TEMPO-DAM can be stored for next use.

The dams can be prepacked in quick deploy crates, so they are ready to be rolled out straight out the deploy crates.

Expected lifespan of 20 years

The TEMPO DAM is the dam we chose to invest in, because we know the dam we had envisioned was the best type of dam for the challenge from flood waters like storm surges.  The temporary dam is made from top grade materials, with the best sewing thread you can buy. There is no competition when materials are the topic, and it is produced by a Danish company. is the best temporary dam in the world, because of the level of development that has gone in to the design. We have tested, tested and tested. The dam will not break if it is used as designed and recommended.  The dam has an expected lifespan of 20 years.